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There’s a greater interest in companies that express a sense of social responsibility by participating in charitable programs. Even when you use your business to give back to the community out of a sense of personal morality, supporting charitable causes can benefit your business in more ways than just appealing to socially responsible consumers. Here are a few benefits that giving to charity can bring to your company.


Give Employee Morale a Boost

People love to see their employers giving back to the community, because it fills them with a sense of pride. Research has shown that the workplace environment is much more positive in companies that engage in philanthropy through charitable donations. Morale can get an even bigger boost when employees are provided ways to participate in the philanthropic programs the company sponsors.


Get Free Marketing

You’ll get free advertising for your business by giving to charities in your company’s name. People will notice that your business is responsible for participating or giving to a charitable organization, and that can make them more likely to visit your business. Seeing the name of your company on banners that promote the charity and its donors will also help you attract consumers who might not have previously been aware of your business.


Get More Tax Deductions

The IRS has rules in terms of how much you can write off for charitable donations, or which types of donations are deductible, but giving to charities can save you money. As long as you follow their guidelines, you can deduct donations made to charities, or the expenses involved in hosting charitable events.


Improve Your Community

By donating to local charities, you can help your local community thrive. Since your employees also live in this community, you’ll be helping them as well. Your donations can help improve the quality of life for those living at the poverty level, improve the environmental conditions for wildlife, or offer better educational opportunities for low income families. Any of these causes, as well as countless others, will build up your community and help your business prosper in return.


As you begin giving to charities, you may find more benefits that evolve from your sense of philanthropy. Most importantly, you’ll be helping to improve causes that you and your employees care about. That may be the greatest benefit of all.