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As hard as many businesses are being hit right now thanks to mandatory closures and restrictions, many nonprofits are getting hit even harder. With so many people losing their livelihoods with no clear picture of how long they need their resources to last, the need for charitable services is climbing while donations for that same work can be waning. There are, however, still ways to raise funds even during a viral outbreak. Here are five ways to keep donations flowing.

Create a video

There are still a great number of people that have a steady income stream or significant resources that may not even be aware of the vital service you are providing. Bill Gates infamously did not engage in philanthropy for most of his life simply because he was so busy building a company he simply did not see the need. A video is a great way to actually show people your specific need for funding for right now.

Evaluate how critical your need genuinely is and respond accordingly

There are many worthy and noble efforts that quite rightly need to take a backseat amidst a global pandemic. For instance, if your charity or philanthropic organization raises money for the arts or engages in other artistic endeavors, this may not be the best time to actively engage in fundraising. A better course of action right now might actually be to encourage donors to give to causes meeting immediately relevant needs but also remind them of the value of the work you do. When the crisis begins to pass, you can not only resume fundraising activities but you may find your restraint has garnered you some good favor from donors. If you want donors to be charitable with you, this might be a good time to practice charity yourself by encouraging support for currently critical services.

Get specific about your needs

If your philanthropic or charitable organization is meeting a very specific and critical need right now, then this might actually be the time to go all in on your fundraising efforts. The most successful organizations don’t just raise money, however, they do the best job of letting donors know the exact and specific need their donations are meeting right now.