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Volunteering is a notable way to help people or organizations in need, gain a sense of accomplishment and build a growing network of friends, associates and prospective contacts. That said, many people seek to explore different, unique and more rewarding volunteer opportunities. Specific ideas might include:

Providing Comfort

Providing comfort for vulnerable persons is rewarding to many. Some might find joy as a baby cuddler. Such individuals volunteer at hospitals hugging premature babies. Studies have shown that young people who receive significant physical contact during their early days tend to thrive later in life. Moreover, others may opt to devote spare time to comforting the aged or ailing persons in hospice and make their waning days as pleasant as possible.

Reading To Children

Certain individuals might enjoy reading to young children. Such action can stimulate the imagination of young people and teach them the importance of literacy.

Run Marathon’s With Persons With Disabilities

Athletic-minded volunteers might consider running marathons with runners who possess physical disabilities. There are several organizations that match experienced or professional marathoners with either people with visual impairments or other disabilities.

Hold Tag Sales

Individuals fortunate enough to own numerous old items or possess more “stuff” than they need might be interested in holding tag sales. Typically, these events are easy to organize. Proceeds from the sale can be donated to any benevolent cause close to the fundraiser’s heart.

Clean Fouled Waterways

Environmentally-conscious volunteers might opt to remediate polluted waterways. Unfortunately, numerous streams, lakes, rivers, beaches and even oceans have been soiled by various levels of contamination. Organizing a group effort to remedy such locations can make a significant aesthetic difference and improve the health of the wildlife and people that reside in and around the waterway in question.

Partake In The Creative Arts

Organizations like local theatre groups might hold plays or other types of shows to raise funds for various charitable causes. Ergo, volunteers with creative impulses might yearn to show off their acting or singing skills to help those in need.

Birthday Planning

Certain organizations work to plan special birthdays for children coping with homelessness or who come from families struggling with serious financial hardships. Volunteers who wish to bring a smile to a child in need might offer their services as a birthday party planner.